Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bubble Maker

Judy's giving us instructions for the diving exercises

Practicing our skills under water

Me, Brittany, and Missy getting ready to dive

Us at Sugar Dock

Group Picture with Judy our instructor

It feels strange the first time. The mask. The awkward gear, a bit heavy. You ease into the water and your face slips below the surface. Inhale; the air comes with a reassuring hiss, and for the first time, you breathe underwater. In moments, you forget the mask. The equipment transforms to light, and you're free like you've never experienced before. With that first underwater breath, the door opens to a different world. Not a world apart, but different nonetheless. Go through that door. Your life will never be the same.

Today was our first day for scuba diving instruction. It was 9 am and we headed out to Sugar dock to meet our instructors, Judy and Dennis. We prayed all week that the weather would let up and it did! For the first half of the day we had calm waters and the sun was out. We learned how to set up and take down our scuba gear. We learned how to snorkel and how to breathe with our scuba gear. We performed diving exercises such as taking off our masks completely off our faces under water and putting them back on without coming up for air while breathing through our regulator. We learned how to share our air with our buddy in case we run out of our own air. I had so much fun. Next week we continue a couple of more exercises and then we'll be ready for our first open dive of 60 ft. I'll take pics underwater of all the coral, fish . . . I'm excited to share my experience with you.


ren said...

wow! that's sooo cool! looks like you're doing a lot of stuff there!

Shemmy said...

Cool!!! I wish I could go dive with you ... the waters are lovely ... so clear ... can't wait to see the pictures ... keep them coming ...

StitchDaKineMine said...

nice bevie....i meant to comment earlier when i viewed ur beautiful pics, but i was in a one-hand mode hahah! i miss u so much friend.... =)