Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hafa Adai

Tinian Island

Visiting the SDA Church on Tinian Island for Sabbath

Our whatever pose

Sacrificing Grant, the only male student missionary.

One of the Atomic bomb sites.

Hafa Adai! Hafa Adai means "hello" in the native language Chamorro.

I think you will be happy to hear that everything is going well out here. Other than work, I have been keeping very busy with projects. I am finalizing my lesson plans to go out and teach good oral health care and proper brushing to third graders in the public schools around the island during my days off. Please pray for me! I love kids but sometimes I feel like I have a hard time relating to them. In fact, sometimes they intimidate me. I know, it sounds silly. Maybe its because I haven't really had a lot of contact with kids while growing up. Hopefully the kids won't find me boring. That would be my worst fear. lol

October is National Dental Hygiene month and I have been asked to write two articles for the local Saipan Tribune Newspaper on bad breath and oral cancer. So I am trying to finish my article on bad breath by tommorrow afternoon for publishing.

As for chior, we have been practicing 2-3 times a week preparing for our upcoming christmas concert and our trip to an island called Rota in December. I never thought I would enjoy singing as much but I do=) I use to be shy about singing even at church. I'd have this soft voice but now I'm starting to project more. Its like I'm finding my real voice from within. We don't want our christmas concert to be boring so we are incorporating "moves" into our concert. Yikes, I think memorizing all those songs are hard enough. Now i've got to move. I just want to stand there=)

I joined the beach volleyball league and our team played its first game last week. So far we won our first game! I'm so lucky that my team members are tall. Rain or shine the volleyball league is on and I look forward to it twice a week.

September through December is rainy season on the island and the water has been rough. Unfortunately we haven't been able to scuba dive yet, but we are hoping that it will clear up alittle by this Sunday. We just bought our diving gear and are ready to go. I'm excited to start exploring under water, but I am not so excited about seeing sharks. My diving instructors keep reassuring us that they won't bother us. So we'll see how that goes.

So as you can see, I am just keeping myself busy. These are pictures of me hanging out with the student missionaries. We took a 40 minute ferry boat ride to another Island called Tinian and attended Church there. The atomic bomb that was used against Japan in WWII was hidden on this island and you can see the site covered with glass. The B52's took off from the air fields here. And in that one picture we are sacrificing Grant, the only male missionary here. haha

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