Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dr. Oakley's Farewell Party

Dr. Oakley doing the honors of cutting his cake.

Group picture

Dr. Reedstrom expressing the clinic's appreciation and gratitude for Dr. Oakley's 8 years of service at SDA Dental Clinic

A picture with all the girls who seem to have a crush on him!

We had a farewell party for our periodontist, Dr. Oakley. He's such a warm and genuine person. I'm sad that he's leaving because I was just getting use to working with him and watching him open flaps during perio surgery. Dr. Oakley served 8 years at our clinic and is now heading back to California to pursue bigger dreams of owning his own perio practice. He always tells me that he only thought he would stay just one year . . . and it turned out to be eight years. Everyone's thinking i'll stay longer than a year. I guess we'll see. Anyways, we wish him well and continued success.


Shemmy said...

Looks exciting !!! ... i'm glad you're doing well and keeping yourself busy ... keep up the updates ... i love reading your experiences ... can't wait to go back to work ... i feel like i'm loosing it ... hahaha

Bella's New Mama said...

What a small world! Dr. Eric Oakley is from Victoria, British Columbia and I knew him when I was little. He was in Grade 10 when I was in Grade 2 and we attended the same SDA school. I heard that he was a dentist overseas. What a small world!