Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My First Icon Mtn. Bike Ride in Saipan

Saipan is zzzzz best place to be if you are a sports maniac and are into Mtn Biking, Running, Beach Volleyball, and Scuba Diving. There is plenty to do here. Sometimes I feel like there is not enough time in the week to fit it all in.

After Greg's month long hiatus in the states, he finally built my bike and took me on my first Mtn Bike ride in Saipan. I couldn't wait to get my bike dirrrrrty! Its rainy season so alot of the roads and trails are nice and muddy. We started off the run at the entrance of Lau Lau Beach Road heading towards the dive site. If anyone has gone diving at Lau Lau they will know how rocky and bumpy that road is. It kind of reminds me of a Toyota Tacoma truck commercial offroading in the jungle somewhere.

Ok, maybe it wasn't that extreme but it was really rough. So we made it to the Lau Lau beach dive site and went towards GapGap Road. There is this really steep gravel hill that just about killed me on the way up! Actually I had to stop and walk my bike up the hill for a bit. Then I got really tired and just stood there wanting to go back down. Greg ended up towing my bike along side him on his way up while I walked up.

After conquering that GapGap hill we went through Kagman village and headed towards Forbidden Island. Guess what another killer hill towards the look out. I was on the "granny" cycle all the way up and was going so slow! I felt my legs burning. We finally made it to the look out to take a quick picture and then raced back down since we spotted rain coming in from the distance. Overall the ride was only 10 miles but it felt longer than that. Not too shabby for my first Mtn bike ride, eh?! Hell of the Marianas Race is this weekend and bikers will be racing 100k! So crazy. Here's a little map of my morning ride from Lau Lau all the way to Forbidden Island and back.

I think i'm starting to get use to the different gears. Throughout the whole run I kept switching from gear to gear. Also I was practicing how to brake without losing control on the gravel and dirt roads. My disc brakes are sweet! I dread wiping out but know eventually it may happen. Greg raced down the steep hills flying over rocks and dips. Not ready to go that fast yet.

One thing I love about Mtn biking is that you don't have to have someone always with you. You can just take off whenever and wherever. I enjoy morning rides especially on the north end of the island.


Lewie Tenorio said...

I love that hill coming out from LauLau Bay! Now you got me itching to ride, thanks Bev.

You'll be all skilled riding in no time and forget about wiping out, also you're riding in good company with Greg and he's got skillz . I guess I'm not pretty enough to ride with him anymore. My bike too dirty for you to tow, Greg?
...uh, sorry 'bout that, Bev. One more, just remember to stay off the brakes going uphill. MTB riding rocks!

Mr. Graves said...

Seeing you pictures brought back memories...some good...some bad. Have fun out there.

Mai said...

Looks like fun! I wish I had a bike out here!

Sean said...

I know that both those roads at LauLau. I sped down the road to LauLau much faster than was probably advisable for someone of my novice abilities (yet it wasn't there that I wiped out and broke Ken's bike, it was going two miles per hour an average dirt road headed to San Juan beach). And the climb back up. . .I had the exact same experience as you (except Grant didn't come along and tow my bike for me like Greg did for you).

I really want to get biking again and put Grant's gift to use!

maggie said...

Sweeeet! I miss my bike so much. Had to leave it behind but may have to get another one here after hearing about your rides. Go kick some competition butt!

ren said...

i've only gone mountain biking the back hills of loma linda on the jedi trails. i did a lot of walking =P too much uphill for me

Bev said...

Lewie: I'll try and stay off the brakes!

Grant: Your biking adventures inspired me to start riding! Miss you.

Mai: You can borrow Missy's bike and come riding with me!

Sean: Your adventure getting lost with Grant always cracks me up!

Magz: Miss you. Hope you can come visit me soon.

Ren: There are some really cool trails right behind Hulda crook park! Hope to see you in Japan this upcoming march at cherry blossom festival.