Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Dr. Oakley, Maria Agulto, and Me.

Classes finally let out and I’m free for the rest of the trip! Woo hoo! I've learned so much from the "Captains of Cavity Prevention in their battle against the Plaque Pirates of the Oral Sea". . . heh

SF is such a beautiful and unique city. September is the best month of the year to visit. It’s not too cold and not to hot. It’s the perfect time to see the leaves start to change into variations of oranges and rusty reds. Although I love Saipan's year round beach weather, I still miss seeing and feeling the seasons change!

After classes let out I climbed the stairs behind the Moscone South Convention building onto a stone terrace that opened up to a breathtaking view of SF’s skyline. Strong straight lines and material in different colors and textures define my view. I’m in love with the architecture and art in SF. Its chilly but the sun is out. I’m wandering on my own. Ahh, it’s great to be alive.

Thanks mucho to a blogger named Dave who suggested a hidden jewel nestled on top of this terrace. Its called Samovar Tea Lounge. It’s a cute little eatery that serves yummy tea from all over the world. It’s got a Bali feel to it with an Urban twist. I like! I think Kelli and Sarah would have loved this tea place. I had their Jasmine Pearl Tea and a delish Smoked Turkey Sandwich for lunch.

Down below the terrace is a place called Yerba Buena Gardens. They were having a live band concert! A couple of live salsa bands performed. The crowd was going crazy! Some people were salsa dancing on the sidewalk while the others were just hanging out and grooving to the music! I wanted to salsa dance and did so with some nice stranger. He knew how to lead and I was happy whenever he would twirl me around. Such fun.

One more full day and a half until I have to head back to Saipan. I am running across the Golden Gate Bridge later this morning and then heading out to the Marina. So far enjoying my escape to the city even if its for a little while.


EJ said...

Thanks for the wonderful update. I enjoy reading about your little escape from Saipan. I love SF with all my heart and I am glad you met my friends that means alot to me. How was the run across the Golden Gate Bridge???

Anonymous said...

Your in the States! I wish I could see ya. Enjoy your little escape from Saipan!

Ken & Crystal said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun! I'm glad you were able to see Oakley and I'm really happy Maria got to go to SF!!! I want to see all your pics!
Crystal xo

Sean said...

That's a way better picture of Golden Gate than the one I got.

Gloria Pierson said...

So wonderful that you are enjoying your escape from Saipan. So very sorry we missed you. The weather really was fantastic! Such an enjoyable city!

Bev said...

EJ: thanks for sharing your friends with me! I wish you could have came. We would have had so much shopping and hanging out in downtown SF.

Rosana: The ADA convention will be in Texas next year! You bet I'll be there!

Ken and Crystal: Thank you so much for sponsoring me to go to the ADA convention. I had so much fun! It was the perfect cure for my island fever.

Sean: Barbara and you will have to try kayaking the bay near the bridge! Hope you can go again soon!

Mrs. Pierson: I'm so sad that i didn't get to see you guys. Crazy weekend at the convention! Hope to see you again soon. Come visit us!!