Monday, October 08, 2007

Day Trip To Nappa Valley

How could I visit San Francisco and not stop by Nappa Valley aka Wine Country?! Nappa Valley is one of the most picturesque towns I have ever been too. Before my trip out I had only heard of Napa’s beauty through my friends who have either proposed or gotten married on the wineries there. This visit to Nappa was the highlight of my trip back home.
My girlfriend, Michelle, flew up from Southern Cali to purchase her gorgeous wedding gown for her upcoming May wedding and spent the weekend with me. Early Saturday morning we drove through a scenic valley through numerous wineries and majestic redwood trees. Napa Valley is only an hour drive north of San Francisco Bay. Since Miche is from the bay area she was pretty familiar with her way around.
The hour went by fast as we were catching up on things we have missed throughout the year. I am always puzzled how some friendships can last through distance and time. Fortunately, Miche and I can just pick up just where we left off and it never seems as if we have ever been apart. I guess the many days of enduring Dental Hygiene classes at LLU bonded us for life. You will always remember the first injection you ever give and receive! Scarrrrry!

We were able to visit three wineries: V. Sattui Winery, Sterling Reserve Winery, and Castello Di Armorosa. All three were very unique in their own way but all had such rural charming characteristics. We wandered through the castle, vineyards, and gardens. We also had yummy cheese and crackers in the picnic area. Napa is filled with the stuff wine goes good with: art, food, and interesting people.

So confession #1 is I am a wine enthusiast and am fascinated with the history and process of how wine is made. We learned so much about how very much the process of wine is like art. So many factors can affect the quality of wine such as the pH, total acidity, and sugar level . . . Its such a delicate process. Anywho, my favorite winery so far is the Sterling Reserve because it has an ariel tram that takes you up a steep hill that over looks the valley. It’s such a beautiful place. If you haven’t visited yet you need to go go go!

After our day trip out we meet up with our other girlfriend, Susie, that we graduated DH with for a night out on the town in SF. Ahhh, reunions with friends are sweet! (We missed you Shemmy!)


Boni said...

That looks like a lot of fun! My cousin Chris works at Wente Winery there, I wish I could visit. It's so beautiful!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Hi Bev, I really enjoyed the dive yesterday. Let's do more dives with that group soon. Would you please make me a copy disc of the photos you took? My email is bbateman at pticom dot com

I will happily give you replacement CDs.


Bev said...

Boni: I have a feeling you would have a blast in Nappa! Hope you can visit it soon!

Bruce: I had such a great time diving as well. I'm sure we'll have more adventures together minus the fish attack.

Anonymous said...

OOOHHH.... :-( Too bad...But I'm glad you guys had fun...It looks as if you guys are having a hair growing contest...Your hair has grown so much...I like it...hehehe