Sunday, October 21, 2007

Japanese Lantern Festival

Saipan is definitely one big melting pot. From the West to the East the diversity out here is pretty amazing. I've made some really great friends of different cultures and its been really fun getting to know what each culture is all about. Actually its been more fun food tasting their yummy dishes!! Every now and then we get a cultural treat and an event goes on for a day or even a weekend sometimes. This past Saturday the SDA Student Teachers and I decided to check out the Japanese Lantern Festival after church over on Middle Road.
We walked into the festival with traditional Japanese music playing in the background. Although the festival was alot smaller than I had thought we still had a great time just walking around and checking out their booths. Some of the women and kids were dresssed in their colorful cultural attire. When I saw them it reminded me of one of my favorite written books-Memoirs of a Geisha. I think the Japanese culture is fascinating. Sadly I have never set foot on Japan. Only in transit through Narita and Nagoya aiprort. But when I do finally make it out there I want to do two things in Japan: see the Cherry Blossoms Fesitval and snowboard in Japan! Oh and of course explore the many Buddhist temples and visit with the monks.

Missy and I bought some kind of dessert drink with beans and boba looking pearls inside of it. It kind of reminded me of the Filipino dessert Halo halo. Speaking of Japanese food, Saipan has some pretty tasty Japanese restaurants. My favorite Japanese restaurant in Saipan so far is Len. If you have never been there you must give it a try! Its secretly hidden on the first floor of an apartment complex towards Garapan on Beach Road. I had the hot pot with chicken and mixed veggies . . . yummylicious! You'll have to check that out.

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