Monday, June 25, 2007

Snorkeling at Managaha Island

I heart Managaha Island.
Ken and Crystal getting ready to go snorkeling. They saw an eagle ray near the reef!
Majestic Blue water
Lazy Sunday. Thinking about having to pack all of my junk to move to my new apt.
Lorene and Rosana enjoying the 83 degree water.

Just a ferry boat ride away is Managaha Island. I need to come here more often for some R & R. Its nice to just relax, catch up on a book, and enjoy the view. Best of all its a free ride for the locals.

We gave diving a rest this past Sunday and decided to go snorkeling instead for the morning. The Piersons, Lorene, and I took Rosana for the first time to Managaha Island. She loved it and couldn't get enough of the underwater world.

There were alot of Japanese tourists in the water with life jackets on. It was a peaceful morning until some of them were splashing and screaming when they would see the fish underwater. Rosana threw some vienna sausages their way and more fish came! lol I had to swim out farther to get away from all the comotion.

I love Sundays.


Mai said...

Great pics! I really miss that 83 degress water!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Just put all your junk in your trunk.

Sean said...

Wow,you guys actually condescended to mere snorkeling! I'm amazed :)

Managaha looks beautiful as always. I'm glad you guys are managing to keep busy. Summer in Saipan can be pretty quiet.

Mr. Graves said...

I loved looking at your pics and hearing about the hot (83!! degree) water. Definately beats Idaho.

meL said...

wow, one day you'll have to drag me there!

Brit'sBlog said...

Hey girl, that looks wonderful.
I wish I could dive in, but the books have me whipped. They own me and my brain for at least the next 7 weeks of anatomy.

Good to hear that you're doing excellent :)