Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Grant was the only male missionary out of eight girls this year. What a lucky guy, eh? One word that would describe Grant: solid. I admire his dedication to serve God and his leadership in church. He's a doer. When he saw an area in the church that needed improvement, he didn't complain about it. He did something about it and brought life to the ministry especially with our prayer meetings. He's passionate about God and it shows.

Grant's an adventurer. If he isn't relaxing on his hammock on some remote beach he was off exploring the cliffs, caves, or jungles of Saipan. I think he's pretty much seen it all in Saipan.

Grant is the kind of friend that you could call if you were in a jam. He never judged you and he was always there to pray with you whenever you were discouraged. One of the reasons why I am here in Saipan for a second year was because of what he said to me one day when we were hiking on the cliffs in Dan Dan. I wont' say though until later.

Grant left Saipan this morning, but the good news is that he will still keep up with his blog wherever he goes. I'll miss our tank swims. I'm just happy that God managed to bring our group together at the right time and at the right place. All the best to you Grant n Georgia.


Anonymous said...

thank you for your words. they mean a lot coming from such a quality girl. Love ya.


Bev said...

Grant: glad you got home safely. Visit us soon=)