Sunday, June 10, 2007


We refer to Mai as the North Star. She's stunning and constant. Mai's easy to talk to. She's the type of friend who really listens to every word you say and is never distracted. She’s always uplifting and encouraging about how God has great plans for all of us. She's a great storyteller, killer volleyball player, and cooks the best veggie curry. She truly cares for her students and talks about how great they are. I think they were lucky to have Mai as a teacher this year.

On Sabbath afternoons we didn’t like to take naps. Favorite Memory: One afternoon I ditched choir practice and we set out for an adventure with Grant in his truck. We were in the back of the truck dodging tree branches as Grant drove through a rugged path that led to Naftan Point. We hiked along the cliffs and had Sabbath worship together while watching the sunset. Afterwards we had pizza for dinner while sitting in the back of Grant’s truck under the stars and laughed hysterically as Grant told us his best jokes. We had so much fun together.

I'm happy that she will be returning to Saipan with her boyfriend, Jerry, for another year. Have a great summer Mai and I’ll see you soon!


Sean said...

Mai--the North Star.

I like that.

EJ said...