Friday, June 08, 2007

Car Issues

I hate that everything in Saipan rusts because of the humidity. I lowered my car window last night and it wouldn’t go back up. I have the worst luck with cars. My friends can attest. Anyway, I had to resort to taping a plastic bag over the window last night so that the rain wouldn’t leak into my car. Quite a sight if you ask me. Everyone thought my car got broken into.

I had the repair guy pick up my car at the dental clinic for a check. Turns out that the motors for three of my power windows are rusted and will need to be replaced. Just my luck I tell ya. The damage is about $230. Does that sound like a good deal because I have no idea how much this repair stuff is suppose to cost. I'll have to take my car in every so often for a series of rust proofing. (sigh) I'm annoyed.

On a happier note, today is Friday and its half day for me! We are going scuba diving on a the Aqua Jet Dive boat to Bonzai and Wing Beach after work! I can't wait to get back into the water.

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Anonymous said...

Haha...I totally can attest to that!
oh and...I had a problem w/ the same window in ur car while you were gone. I fixed it tho =)
lol...stupid rust!

Love you girl,