Sunday, August 26, 2007

Twenty Something!

Crystal makes a wish before she blows out her candles! I wondered what she wished for! We celebrated Crystal's twenty something birthday this past Saturday night! Close friends were invited for a night of yummy appetizer dishes and fellowship.

Our dive buddies, Dixie and Eric Fly, are visiting from Guam for a long weekend. We went diving together along with Harry, Greg, and Atsuko on the Aqua Jet to Tinian on Sunday . . .more posts on that later!

Mai and Barbara sampling the many appetizer dishes!

I baked the breaded monzerella cheese sticks just like the ones at the TGIF restaurant in Guam! Tammy made a tasty Bruchetta, and Dr. Reedstrom's wife, May, made a really spicy tofu appetizer! Everyone's mouth was on fire.

How can anyone not love Mark James' baby face!

This years student missionary teachers at SDA School: Vero, Amy, Rikki, and Jessica. They'll be starting scuba diving lessons soon!

I have really enjoyed working and getting to know Crystal in the past year. She inspires me to grow in so many ways. Not only spiritually but also professionally as well. She's more than just my boss . . . she's my dive buddy, spa buddy, tank swim buddy, golf buddy, scrapbooking buddy, prayer buddy . . . my sister in Christ. I'm just so blessed to have her in my life.

If you wondered how SDA's party . . . this is it! lol We just have a great time being with each other.

The Veterans enjoying another year in Saipan together.

Happy Birthday Crystal and many more to come!


Ken & Crystal said...

Thanks for the sweet notes on your blog, Bev! The party was fun! We're so glad YOU'RE out, dive (etc.) buddy!!! xo

Gloria Pierson said...

What a fun time you had celebrating Crystal's birthday. Party Time!!!
Enjoy reading your blog and catching up with what's happening on the Island!

Shemmy said...

I've been missing out on your adventures...It's about 3:23 am and I couldn't sleep, so I decided to read on what I missed...I see you're still enjoying your life being an islander...God has blessed you all the way...I wish I could share the same fun stuff, but life's been tough on my area...It's alright, I'll get through...Take caRE!!!

Ronda said...

Bev...I'm Riki's mom and I started reading your blog when looking for information on Saipan. It's become so fun for me to read about things happening where Riki is. Thank you guys so much for including the SMs so much there. I know Riki already loves all of you. What a great group of people!

Bev said...

Crystal: Hope you had a great birthday!

Mrs. Pierson: We miss you! Hope to see you again soon!

Shemmy: I'll be in SF! Come meet me for CE credits. Susie and Michelle may be there as well!

Ronda: Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I will blog more about Rikki so that you can see how hard she is working and how much fun she is having! We're all happy to have her here with us.