Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Judy!

Can you think of a friend that just consistently brightens your day every time you see him or her?! Well you're looking at the person that makes me smile and laugh everytime I'm with her. You would never be able to guess her age because she's so young at heart. We celebrated her birthday by having an intimate dinner with close friends at Mark and Tammy James' home.

Aunt Judy and Uncle Dennis are my favorite dive buddies hands down. They certified me with both my open water and advanced underwater training. I was suppose to go on a scuba diving trip with them to Yap but I spent all my money on my Palau trip this past March =( We're still planning a scuba trip to the Philippines and I'm looking for a dive buddy to go with! Maybe we'll go to Palawan? I went there two years ago and it is beautiful over there.

I love Mark and Tammy! They are the funniest people to be with above and below water! There's no doubt you'll always find all of us scuba diving together on a Sunday morning. I won't start telling stories about them because I know they'll tell their "stories" about me too. So like Vegas . . . whatever happens underwater stays underwater.

A picture of the Piersons. Not only picture perfect but a match made in heaven. Seriously!

For dinner we had pasta, salad, and garlic bread. Crystal made a yummy pesto dish from scratch! Tammy baked a toasted coconut supreme cake for the birthday girl.

You can't see the view beyond Mark and Tammy's pool because it is dark but there is a breathtaking view of Lau Lau Bay. The pool looks warm and inviting right?! It was raining that night but I still wanted to check how warm the water was in the pool. So i'm standing on the edge of the pool and I gingerly dip my right foot into the pool. As I am dipping my right foot in the pool I feel my left foot start to slip and in I go! Dag nab it! Mark's tiles are slippery=( I fell in the pool with my clothes on but it didn't matter anyway since I had my swimsuit under my clothes. I gave everyone a good chuckle. Aunt Judy was so cool that she jumped in the pool with me and the rest followed! What a great night. So lucky to have such great friends out here in Saipan.


Brit'sBlog said...

All those people make me feel the same way Bev:) Their great friends!

It was sad to miss Aunt Judy's birthday :/ I thought about you guys and the partay :)

Palau doesn't look like my budget either :(..sadly, but I have another plan. I'll e-mail you sometime soon to tell you all about it ;)

Manang J said... crack me up. I can't believe you fell in the pool and with no one's help. Too funny! Love it.

Harry Blalock said...

Ok Bev, since you've told everyone they're screwed if they dive with me I won't mention you anymore if that's the way you feel about it. You can join the nameless one, now you shall be referred to as she who can't be mentioned.

Bev said...

Harry blalock! I was just kidding! You need a cookie to cheer you up.

Greg said...

Bev, if you are planning a dive trip to PI, check out Cabilao. A biologist friend of mine said "It's some of the best diving I've done so far." It's a small island off of Bohol. He said though it's missing large predators, the reefs were as lush and incredible as any he's ever seen seen. He stayed at a place called Polaris (, and paid between $20-30/night for these "tree houses". The food was good, the staff was great, and most of the dives sites were within 5 minutes of the resort. He's got photos at:

and of course if you're looking for a dive buddy, I'm in. :)

Bev said...

greg: thanks for the info on Cabilao. I saw the pics! Looks like paradise. I'll forward it to everyone and see what they think =)