Saturday, August 04, 2007


It was a tough week for me and I'm so happy its the weekend. The teachers and I watched daybreak this morning at Bonzai Cliff. Its the start of a new day and I have learned to leave yesterday behind me.

We got there around five in the morning. Its been raining alot lately and the clouds were out. Still the fresh air and the sound of the waves crashing below were worth getting up. We spotted one small turtle below just floating at the surface. This is what Bonzai cliff looks like from the top. Sunday morning I will be diving Bonzai and Spot light sites on the Aqua Jet Dive boat! I'll take pictures from below=)

So everyone asks me do I really have church all day on Saturdays? And I say, "yes". The typical Sabbath day starts from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. My Saturdays are really busy with church activities and fellowship. Today the choir put on a great mini concert for us. The new student teachers were introduced to the congregation and we got to hear about why they decided to teach for a year in Saipan. Each SM (student missionary) was very passionate about serving God and working with kids.

After church we usually have a potluck lunch and fellowship gathering. One thing that I have grown to love about our church are the kids. They're always climbing all over us and hugging us once we get in the door. They really know how to warm you up!

So I have moved into my new apartment which I still have to post for my family and friends back home. They think I live in a hut or something. One thing I love about my apartment is that it has an oven! Even though CUC is charging an arm and a leg for electricity I will still be baking. I made some peanut butter and hershey kiss cookies for Rosana's farewell party. I'll blog more about her and her experience in Saipan later.


Anonymous said...

Bev!!! Your Cookies were so Delicious!!! You are AWESOME! I am going to miss you like crazy!!

Anonymous said...

You baked without burning? Wow, how thing have changed! That's awesome. Miss ya! Manang J

Ken & Crystal said...

Those cookies look yummy! Go oven-lady! he he!

Harry Blalock said...

Hi Bev, I'm so happy to see you're getting some use out of that new camera of yours. Now if we could just get some underwater pictures from it. I would have gone on the dive to bonzai today if you'd have brought along some of those cookies, but then again I wasn't invited, was I? Oh well, back to the Grotto by myself.

Brit'sBlog said...

Hey Bev!

I love the pictures. I'd like to take credit for the early sunrises at Bonzia ;) That was my favorite thing to do on Sabbath mornings.

I'm glad that Rosana became your good friend. She's an amazing woman. I can't imagine not knowing her.
ps- Your cookies look amazing...I wish i could eat one right now.

Miss you girl =)

Bev said...

rosana: happy you loved my cookies!

Mg J: I've come a long way from cooking those heart shaped sugar cookies at LSU!

K & C: I'll be bringing cookies to work.

Harry: you were invited! I told your roomie!! haha

Brit: Miss you too.

StitchDaKineMine said...

hey, is that lil jessica in that potluck pic? gosh, she's grown up! tell her HI for me if she remembers me. such a sweetheart that one!

meL said...

haha, those cookies kind of look familiar??

Bev said...

rae: Jess says "hi" and she remembers you!

Mel: I had the best teacher ;)