Thursday, May 17, 2007

Corona Del Mar Beach

I can't stay away from the beaches. Wherever I end up settling down it will have to be by a beach. Michael and I headed out after church to Corona Del Mar for some beach volleyball action. There are a couple of dive spots out here in orange county that I was contemplating on doing but its just too cold. Definitely not as nice as Saipan's Beaches.

Corona Del Mar beach holds some happy memories for me from highschool. Its the beach that we would always have beach vespers at. We'd come out in the afternoon to play beach volleyball, bbq veggie hot dogs, and have church outdoors while the sunsets. Corona Del Mar is lined with mansions towering over the cliffs. I always wonder what the heck these people do for a living. We thought this house was nice.

Its a little chilly out here. I thought I was coming down with a cold but I really think its the smog out here. I miss Saipan's clean air=)


Anonymous said...

Is Corona Del Mar near San Diego, cuz I think I went there before. There's this cool bridge that you have to cross. But my California geography isn't so good.

Ken & Crystal said...

....and Saipan's clean air missed you!

Ken & Crystal said...

opps...meant to type, "misses" you!

Bev said...

Steve: Corona Del Mar Beach is in Orange County about an hour from San Diego. I'm thinking your talking about Del Mar which is near San Diego. You must be thinking about the Coronado Bridge! It is a great place to visit! I'll be there this weekend=)

Ken & Crystal: You are so right about how I will notice the difference in air quality!