Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm so happy to be home to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday and Mother's day together with my family. At the Pasadena SDA Church they made a short video tribute to all the mothers in the church. They interviewed alot of kids about why they love their mom. There were alot of cute responses like "because she makes me good food, she makes me laugh, and she takes care of me." I love my mom not only for those reasons but that she has always loved and supported me always. Always! Even through the times we didn't always get along. Her love amazes me.

My mom is also an inspiration to me. When dad had his stroke it was hard for all of us. Sometimes when times are tough it is tempting to question God why He allowed things to happen. But mom is a woman of God and her faith has always been so strong. She reminds me not to focus on the reasons why bad things happen but to just keep trusting in God that He has a plan. Her passion for life and dedication to God inspires me to keep God first in my life. First in my life above everything.

Someday I'd like to be a mom. And I hope someday that I will do as great as a job as my mom did with us.


Anonymous said...

Those are some beautifully written words about your mom. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to always be thankful for moms.

Ken & Crystal said...

Bev! It looks like you are having a fun time at home! We're glad you were able to celebrate your Mom's Birthday and Mother's Day with your Mom! Special! You look great! Like the bangs! We miss you.
~Ken and Crystal =D

Deece said...

I'm so glad you got to celebrate with your family! Everyone looks so happy! And the baby is adorable!

Bev said...

Steve: Thanks!

Ken & Crystal: I'll be seeing you soon=)

Deece: Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Sean said...

Awww, you've got such a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Joshie is such a cutie! Manang J