Thursday, May 31, 2007

Roses From My Best Friend

Roses for my 30th. Thanks Mel!


meL said...

umm...can you get any closer?? hahaha!!

love ya! meee

Saipan Writer said...

Lovely flowers. Happy birthday. (I loved my 30's. Hope yours are wonderful, too.)

Bev said...

Mel: I did it on purpose! :P

Saipan Writer: Thanks for the bday greeting. Looking forward to a new chapter.

meL said...

we were thinking of you last night...umm someone [we ain't gonna name any names] drugged baloney, so it was me & sam, watching "open water" [again]. She swears up and down that she never, EVER wants to go in the water. I said, I thought you were going with auntie to saipan and you know she loves to dive?? she answered me, with the hell NO look.