Saturday, March 15, 2008

My 8 Favorite Eats in Saipan

Looking over my budget I notice that most of my money is spent on food! I love food. Food makes me really happy! Sometimes I enjoy food with company but most of the time you will find me eating out solo w/ a good read. Yes, I'm a loner. lol I guess you can say that I'm not shy about enjoying a nice dinner alone whether it is in a nice restaurant or low key eatery.

Anyaqq tagged me to list 8 facts about me. I am going to modify this meme since I've already done that here and list 8 of my favorite eats on Saipan. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. So here goes in no particular order.

1. Spicy Thai- I am a big fan of Thai food especially if its EXTRA spicy! On the menu I recommend the Pad Thai with Tofu, Vegetable egg rolls, and Thai Iced tea w/ Milk. The service is usually fast and friendly.

2. Remington Cafe- I go here sometimes for lunch. I try and stick to my Vegetarian diet as much as possible but sometimes its hard. Before I came to Saipan I was a Vegetarian for nine years. Since I arrived in Saipan sixteen months ago I started eating fish and then chicken. Now I just believe that everything in moderation is okay. On the menu here I recommend the Chicken Katsu meal with Iced Coffee. The iced coffee has coffee ice cubes in it! I love the Japanese people that work there. Every time I go in there I add a new Japanese phrase or word in my vocabulary. The decor in this cafe has a modern feel to it.

3. The Bean Cafe- I'm a morning person so my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. One day I am going to throw a party and have everyone bring their favorite breakfast food. My favorite thing to eat on the menu here is the French Toast accompanied with an Iced Hazelnut coffee. Crystal and I used to have breakfast here after our long bike rides on Sundays. I love feel of this small jazzy coffee shop. I also love that no one smokes in there and that they have wireless connection.

4. Taste of India- I never really liked Indian food before until I tasted a dish called Alogobi. Its got eggplant and potatoes cooked in a curry. It's absolutely delicious. Try also the Vegetable Samosa, and Bhatura Bread. The drink that I am hooked on is the Masala tea.

5. Capricciosa-I know that this Italian restaurant is kind of expensive but there is one dish that keeps me coming back. It's the Cream of Tomato Mushroom Spaghetti dish with fresh Parmesan cheese on top.

6. Len- This little restaurant makes me feel like I'm back in Tokyo. I just love the way this restaurant was designed. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled out because if you are not familiar with the location you can easily pass it. On the menu I recommend the hot pot! It comes with chicken, tofu, and all kinds vegetables that you cook right in front of you. The garlic chicken is tasty!

7. Grotto 2298- If you are a diver you will love this little restaurant! The owner is a diver and has decorated his walls with beautiful underwater pictures. On the menu try the Sweet and Sour Eggplant, Tuna Sashimi and Avocado, Japanese Spaghetti, and Fried Garlic.

8. Oleai's Bar and Grill Restaurant-Two words: dollar tacos. This place has become a favorite to us for lunch after our morning dive on Sundays. I usually get a couple of veggie tacos and an ice tea. Oleai's is located right on the water's edge so you've got a great view of the lagoon during lunch. I love it here.

I just ordered a couple of books on amazon. One of them is My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and their Final Meals. I thought it would be a fun and interesting read. So I leave you with this question: If you were to die tomorrow, what single dish or what one mouthful of food, would you choose as your last?"

Humm, I'd have to go with Italian food. The Cream of Tomato Mushroom Spaghetti dish would be my last dish!


--=JiGiToL=-- said...

Hey thanks a lot for the recommendations. I will have to try all those new places when I get back. Take it easy =)

Tamara said...

Where is Spicy Thai & Len?? I don't think I have ever seen those two places..The beans has a delicious grilled cheese sandwich too! YUM!

My last meal??? Gotta be seafood..King crab legs, lobster tail, peel and eat shrimp & sashimi...I would eat myself to death...ha ha

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I like Len. Just found it last week.

Sean said...

Great minds. . . lol!

If I were to die tomorrow, I'd be eating more than a single dish. I'd get to Coffee Care first thing in the morning and spend the rest of my life eating everything on the menu there that I've ever loved.

I think fresh-baked pie--apple, blueberry, and cherry topped with a good quality vanilla ice cream would top it off for me.

anyaqq said...

That's cool that you switched it around now I can tell my best friend who's lives in Saipan now to check those restaurants!
If I were to die tomorrow, I will stuff my face with GODIVA CHOCOLATES!!!! I know chocolate isn't a meal. But I wanna die happy with phenylephylamine swimming in my brain.

Ken & Crystal said...

Good run down. Those are delish places! What about that yum Japanese noodle soup and vege tempura at Mitsue's?! =D

Beverly Mae said...

Tamara: Spicy Thai is on beach road towards PIC. Its right before the SDA School on the right side. Len is kind of hard to describe. Its on Beach road. I'll have to pass by it again to tell you the road to turn right on. It's on the bottom floor of an apartment complex. I'll let you know.

Sean: I would eat your pie too after my pasta=)

Crystal: You're right. I totally forgot about Mitsue! $3 soba tofu noodles! Yum

KelliOnSaipan said...

Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant is pretty tasty - $4 lunches. And the new Hawaii Bar and Grill has very good food, too. Yummy grilled wahoo. But I'll have to try a couple on your list. Thanks for the tips.

Deece said...

I haven't been to Len and I haven't been to Remington or Oleai in years...but I totally love all the other restaurants on your list!