Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awkward moment

awkward = uncomfortable or abnormal. It all started when I went to get a massage in Garapan with Crystal.

Most of the time I'm really anal about who I get my massage from and where I go. I almost never change because the times that I do I always regret it. I usually go to a girl named Tre at the Summer Holiday inn. She's amazing. Today was a little different. I felt like being adventurous and looking for a new spot to hang out at..

At first glance this spa reminded me of Bali. Its got dark flooring, stone textured walls, and beautiful furniture. The girl that gave me my massage was really good but after I got up I noticed that my eyes felt funny. I realize that my eyes are swollen almost shut. I looked like Wil Smith in the movie Hitch! lol

I must of been allergic to the oil that she was using. I tried to ask the girl what was in the ingredients of the oil but she couldn't understand English. She just stood there and looked at me as I tried to tell her that my eyes aren't normal. There was an awkward moment of silence. She didn't understand so I just paid my $25 fee for an hour massage and headed out to get some medicine.

Well, two Benadryl tablets later and my eyes are starting to go back to its normal size. Note to self: bring my own oil for the massage and no contact in the face area. Grrr.


John Dax said...

Bev, that's scary! I got certified in massage on Guam and often wondered if there was such a thing as being allergic to massage oil. I used to mix my own base and essentials too but kept to very simple ingredients (like almond oil and geranium for example). I wish to know what they used for future reference. Hope you feel better.

Ken & Crystal said...

Oh Beverly! I guess I gotta watch Hitch. Sushi dinner was yum though. Glad you're feeling better. xo

anyaqq said...

I guess your gut feelings will always be right eh?
That's why I still couldn't find someone I trust to cut and highlight my hair ever since I left Hawaii. LOL
Glad that Benadryl works for ya! =)

Anonymous said...

You should have taken a picture of yourself with the eyes...Then show it to her with your normal eyes...hehehe...say:

"see (Point to picture) your oil ... see (point to normal eyes) no oil" LOL!


Anonymous said...


Deece said...

oh wow! i'm glad the benadryl helped. My daughter gets a small rash if baby oil touches her.