Thursday, February 21, 2008

Support Live Theater in Saipan

Real Christian Theater will be putting on a dinner show called The Mystery of the Kiss Kiss Diamond. It will be a one time performance on Sunday, March 9. The time will be announced later. The tickets are $15 for adults. The kids have been working really hard to make this play come together. Currently we are trying to raise funds for our school trip to Palau in May. We will be performing a lot of skits for the local schools in Palau in hopes of sharing our love for drama and for God. Please come out to support us!

I watched the play "In Transit" and the "Vagina Monologues" by the Voices of the Marianas last year and it was hilarious! I'm guessing that this play will be just as good! Check them out. Bloggers, Jeff and Brad, have parts in this play.
You won't want to miss this!


--=JiGiToL=-- said...

Aye, I caught the monologues in College a couple of weeks ago... still need to see "In Transit" however... Cool to see that Saipan Theater is still going strong. Used to love working in/going to productions =)

By the way, I think I know you... remember me?

Marianas Eye said...

Hi Bev,

I'm tagging you. See my blog.


Beverly said...

Jon: Thanks for stopping by. Hope your flossing=)

Dr. K: I'm working on my story!

Melissa said...


I want a ticket for the Kiss Kiss Diamond show!!! The last Real Christian show you invited me to was SUCH a hoot!

Maybe I can get the ticket when we meet for coffee and talk about Bali? So I can borrow your guidebook? Hmmmmmm? Pretty please? Let me know when it is convenient for you!