Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Attack Plaque

Does anyone ever really remember their Dental Hygienist coming to their classroom to talk about teeth and good oral hygiene? The kids won't remember my name. They'll remember me as the lady that carries around a big toothbrush. Seriously! I have to show them how to brush with my big teeth and big toothbrush.

This morning I taught a couple classes at WSR School. They said, "gooooood moooooooorning Miss Beeeeeeev!" I tell them a silly story about the Three Friends teeth and quiz them afterwards. If they get a question right I reward them with stickers. The kids go CRAZY over Sponge Bob stickers! Geez. I had to calm them down a couple of times.

Then I ask for 4 brave volunteers and have them chew on pink tablets to disclose their plaque in their mouth. They are so cute!

They always get a kick out of that! Hey don't laugh! If I gave you a pink disclosing tablet your teeth might look like that too!


Dave said...

My periodontist gave me a small bottle of disclosing liquid to use at home - really helps to show up where your brush is not reaching. But I guess I'm preaching to the choir here.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!!! I use to eat those tablets ALLL the time!!!

Deece said...

I still have a picure of me brushing my teeth outside my classroom at Saipan Community School.

Beverly said...

Dave: Glad you find those disclosing tablets useful. It really does show you the areas you miss.

Rosana: The kids love the taste of these tablets. Cherry flavor. MMMmmm

Deece: Let's see an old school pic of you!

McKenna said...

where can you get the tablets my daughter needs some for her science fair project