Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Finals

Kim and I made it to the finals on Sunday. Our first game of the day was against pro-volleyball players, Fedarica and Dawn, from Hawaii. We got spanked again 8 to 21. Even though we lost I had a great time playing with them. They're really amazing to watch. What I love about them is they communicate and work well as a team. Also, whenever we made a good play they always said encouraging things. I was really cheering them on to win in the finals against the players from Japan.

Here's a picture of EJ, Feda(right) and Dawn(left)

Dawn and Fedarica battling the ladies from Japan. This game was so intense. Each team brought their game. Here's a picture of Dawn hitting.

Even though the Japanese players were shorter than the other team they still could get up just as high! This was a great play! This Japanese player spiked the ball and it hit Dawn's hands popping it back deep over the other side right over the other players! The crowd was going crazy. They're both such smart players.

This picture was game point. The Japanese player hit through the block by Dawn and the game was over! Dag nab it! The ladies from Japan won. It was such a great game!

Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Women Champions 2008 from Japan. Saipan always flys back the winners to play in next year's tournament. They also get $3600 in cash for winning.

Last years Champions battle it out with Randy Steele and Paul Baxter

Saipan blogger, Randy Steele and Paul Baxter Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Champions 2008 Congratulations to Randy! He kept up with this Pro-Volleyball player, Paul Baxter.

I took a picture with the number one AVP volleyball player in the world! Phil Dalhausseris six foot seven inches tall! Check out his vertical and jump serves!

Game on with Chris Nelson and Phil jump serving.


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Hey Bev, great photos and thanks for the mention, link and....great photos! The one of Phil hammering straight down on us is scary. I hope that you don't mind me copying some.

It was great seeing you out there.


ren503 said...

wow bev! hanging with the pros!!! sweet! now i need to catch up to your volleyball level! haha

Eric AppleJar said...

How awesome are you Bev! That's so cool to have played in a tournament with professionals! And you made it to the Sunday finals! Now that's a story to tell the grandkids. LOL!

Mae said...

Randy: Great job in the finals! Sure, you can have those pics=)

Ren: Told you I'm ready to play when I get back! We got killed in the finals but I had a lot of fun.

Eric: I learned a lot this weekend just by watching them. Definitely a story I can tell the kids someday!