Monday, February 18, 2008

Dive Snapshots from President's Day Weekend

So I kicked off my 4 day weekend with an afternoon dive with Harry at the Grotto. Funny how it doesn't take much convincing for Harry to get wet. He got a new camera and has been dying to test it out.

The grotto is probably my most favorite dive spot in Saipan. Its just so unique and I feel like I'm in heaven going through the exit holes.

The visibility was unbelievable! Probably about 50 meters across the way. We spotted a huge Napolean Wrasse much like the one that was recently caught. He didn't wait too long for us to catch up with him because he just took off! Here's a picture of Harry below me taking pictures of this turtle. Check out his blog for beautiful close up pictures.

Here's a creature that I am definitely intrigued by but too scared to get too close. The Spotted Morey Eel has really sharp teeth and I just don't want get in its face.

I was actually really surprised to see this Parrotfish. It's either a Bumphead Parrotfish or a Steephead Parrotfish. If someone knows . . . let me know!

I'm so happy that I get to share my love for scuba diving with so many people in Saipan. There is always someone to go diving with on the weekends. This afternoon Sean, Mai, Jessica, Rikki, Mark and Tammy James, Dr. Hunt, Atsuko, and I rode the Aqua Jet out to two dive sites.

This was the SDA Teacher's first dive boat experience in Saipan and they did really well! Of course they had great instructor, Judy and Dennis. Here's a picture of Sean, Riki, and Jessica Crusin' into the deep blue.

I'm going to be dreaming of Pyramid Butterfly fish tonight! Plenty in the water. Mai is surrounded by them!

You know what we were all hoping to see-Eagle Rays! And we did! Five of them! We sat perched ontop of the Ice Cream Dive site and watched the Eagle Rays come swoop into the cleaning station. They were soo close to me! It was amazing! I think one of them winked at me!

This Hawksbill Turtle dropped right in front of us and I didn't even notice him at first until Atsuko pointed him out. I was looking for Nudibranchs and realized he was dropping right in front of me!

I found Nemo! Here's a Duske Anemone Fish.

Here's a picture of an Orange Fin Anemone Fish


Brit's Blog said...

I'm SO jealous! Love your pics BeveCaba :) Everyone can say their jealous, but the ones (like myself) that know what diving is like on Saipan are truly envious. I'm glad you're having fun...miss you Bubbles!!
Please e-mail when you can:)

Tamara said...

Gorgeous Photos!

I think I would be scared to death if an eagle ray that big came close to me..amazing!

The Beachcomber said...

Amazing! Need to go into the blue with you soon. That looks like a Steepehad Parrotfish (Chlorurus microrhinos). The Bumpheads (Bolbometopon muricatum ) are believed to have been overfished in the populated islands of the Mariana chain but can still be found in the Northern Islands. Check out for some good reading on fish.

Steve said...

Cool shots! It'd be nice to get over to Saipan for some diving some day.

Mai said...

Great pics, Bev! I had a lot of fun! Thanks for the invite!

Beverly said...

Brit: Miss you too. Hope you can come visit on your summer break=)

Tamara: I bet you'd be more amazed underwater than terrified of this creature! They are such magnificent creatures and usually don't bother you.

Beachcomber: You are all talk about getting in the water with me! Still waiting!

Steve: Thanks for stopping by. You should definitely come visit Saipan and go diving! We are soo spoiled out here.

Mai: I am so glad you came on our little dive boat trip! Hope to see you come out more often.

Gizelle said...

Bev, those are some beautiful shots! I'm hoping we'll get a chance to visit Saipan one day.
Keep in touch, girl.

Saipan Kat said...

One of my 2008 goals is to learn how to dive... maybe you can point me to the direction of a great teacher?

Beverly said...

Gizelle: You guys are welcome to Saipan anytime. Maybe you and the Mercados could come together for a three day weekend. Would love to have you here for a visit!

Kat: Let me know when you are ready and I'll set you up with the best instructors on island!

Sean said...

That was a good set of dives. Thanks for setting it up for us.

Now if only I could stop using so much air!