Monday, February 11, 2008


You can interpret this postcard in many ways. I laughed when I saw this post card on the Postsecret website. Why? Because it reminded me how pathetic I once was at a point in my life.

In a STC episode Charlotte says, "where is he?" Her friends reply, "Who?" Charlotte says, "My night and shining armor!" It was such a funny clip. But seriously, as Valentine's Day rolls around I'm sure there are many girls wondering that same thing.

It's true that in your 30's your perspective on love and yourself is much different than in your 20's. You just don't settle for anything less than what your worth.

When I have a daughter someday. . . I am going to tell her to LIVE your life and do what you love. Don't wait for love to happen because it's so true that it happens when you least expect it! ;) When you are out there doing what you love, you'll meet people with the same passion. I believe in chance encounters. I believe in Serendipity <3


Mai said...

I know my knight in shining armor is on his way....He's just a little lost and too stubborn to ask for directions! But you're right, in the mean time, one ought to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment!

Beverly said...

Mai, whoever you end up with is one lucky guy.