Monday, January 14, 2008

A Brand New Year

Wow. Its already mid January! This year is going to fly by. My contract is up in September and I am going to maximize the time I have left out here. Where will I go next . . . I have no idea. Since moving to Saipan I have learned to live in the moment.

Dr. Khorram and Angelo tagged me to list 20 things I remember about Saipan. I've only been on island for a year so I can't tell you much about what landmarks have changed. So I'll list 20 things I remember about my first year in Saipan.

1. I remember Ken and Crystal Pierson, the dental clinic staff, and the SDA student teachers patiently waiting for me at the airport at 1 o'clock in the morning to welcome me to Saipan. Everyone looked like they rolled out of bed! I felt so loved.

2. I remember my first heavy betelnut case! It was like layers of tar that would not come off. The other hygienists chuckled and said "welcome to Saipan".

3. I remember my sweet Korean neighbors, Lizzie and Pastor Dewie. They often invited me over for dinner and always checked up on me. I'll never forget their kindness.

4. I remember joining the Fall beach volleyball league at PIC when I first arrived. I didn't know anyone and ended being drafted on one of the top teams that made it into the playoffs undefeated! I made so many great friends.

5. I remember seeing Moreno with the kids on a Saturday afternoons getting ready to do a hike with them. He inspired me to work more with the youth.

6. I remember singing in choir and practicing long hours for our Christmas concert last year.

7. I remember my first breathes underwater at Sugardock during Scuba lessons.

8. I remember date night with Grant, Mai, Missy, Layla, and Brit.

9. I remember watching sunrise at Bonzai Cliff and seeing sea turtles below.

10. I remember snorkeling under a starry sky with Moretti looking for coral spawning.

11. I remember dollar veggie tacos and iced tea on Oleai's terrace after diving on Sundays.

12. I remember camping at Managaha Island and bonfires on the beach.

13. I remember teaching good oral hygiene at the elementary schools. Hearing the kids laugh was worth all the work.

14. I remember the infinite pool and watching sunsets at the Mandi Asian Spa.

15. I remember tank swims with Crystal and Ken on Friday afternoons.

16. I remember paddling Tuesdays and Thursdays from Kilili Beach along the reef before sunset after work.

17. I remember Malou's tasty breadfruit dessert.

18. I remember my long walks and runs along Beach road.

19. I remember potluck lunches after Church.

20. I remember thinking I would only stay in Saipan for one year. But I am now four months into my second year.

So there you have it. 20 things I remember about last year. My second year only keeps getting better.


Saipan Kat said...

Everytime I step into Mandi Asian Spa I feel like I've left Saipan for a moment... definitely is one of my favorite places on island.

Mai said...

So many great memories! I'm glad that you're here another year and that we get to make even more great memories!

Marianas Eye said...

Fun list! Glad to see it. Welcome back from Bali.

Sean said...

Amazing how many memories can fill a year. You've really made your mark here, Bev.

Beverly said...

Kat: We should hit the spa one Sunday afternoon!

Mai: I am so happy that you decided to stay one more year with me.

Dr. K: Thanks for the meme. You helped me remember some of the best times of my life . . . and how far God has brought me.

Sean: Looking forward to our dive adventures together =)