Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mmmm, Pancakes!

I figured the easiest way to get my kids to Sabbath School on time is to invite them over for breakfast! Breakfast at Miss Bev's! The thought of hosting sixteen young adults in my small apartment was exciting but frightening at the same time. Frightening because I cannot cook and entertain at the same time. Multi-tasking is definitely not a strength of mine.

Fortunately John was kind enough to come over and help me out. While he cooked scrambled eggs and turkey bacon, I was cooking the pancakes. I must really love these kids because making pancakes is not my favorite thing to make. I can bake, fry , and grill . . . but cooking the perfect fluffy and round pancake I stink at!

My kids are a bright and lively group. In the beginning of Sabbath school we share about how are week went. Lately they have been opening up and sharing some really personal issues that they are going through. Slowly they are starting to open up and I am starting to see a glimpse of their true hearts. They inspire me everytime I am with them.

John did the devotional that Sabbath and had the kids write some of their thoughts down on a piece of paper. The first question was think of someone who has hurt you the most. That someone was easy for me to identify. The second question he asked was think of someone who you have hurt. I have to admit that question really struck me hard. How many times have I refused to forgive someone who has hurt me when in fact I have done almost the same thing to someone else. Anyway, it just got me thinking . . .

Overall we had a great time together and I'd like to say the pancake breakfast was a success! Looking forward to spending more time with them.


Ken & Crystal said...

Bev, you really are doing a great job with the youth. We admire your hard work! Keep having fun.

John Dax said...

Forgiving someone who hurt you deeply is always difficult. I know during our talks, I express myself quite well, and anger and vindictiveness come out often. In retrospect though, I always go back to those two questions and I am reminded that the things that hurt me the most, are the things that I myself have inflicted on others. Thanks for seeing through all of the walls and barriers I�ve put up lately.

Mai said...

Sounds like fun! Hopefully I'll be around to help next time. Keep up the great work with the youth....what ever you're doing seems to be working!

Rosana Amanda said...

Looks Like You guys had a BLAST!! Keep up the great work! You are AWESOME! xoxo

P.S. I like Johns Shirt