Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rainbow Over Hell

Earlier this year I read a book called Rainbow Over Hell. This past Sabbath during church we were treated with a surprise visit by the author of that book! I couldn't believe it. His name is Saburo Arakaki and he just so happened to be visiting Saipan with with wife and two kids this weekend. This was his sixth and last visit to Saipan.

This book is easily one of the most dramatic conversion stories you’ll ever read. Rainbow Over Hell lets you see the horrors of World War II through the eyes of a Japanese youth who joined the resistance against the Americans and became an assassin. It was because of Saburo’s arrest and death sentence that formed the backdrop for a life-altering encounter with another condemned Man who died long ago to secure his freedom.

Saipan is full of hidden treasures and relics from WWII. When I'm visiting the American Memorial Park I can't help but wonder what it was really like on the island during the war. There's alot of history and untold stories of lives changed in Saipan. If your looking for a great read pick up this book Rainbow Over Hell.

The story is full of details of what Saipan was like long before the war. It was just really cool to read because whenever I am hiking Mt. Topochou, overlooking Bonzai Cliff, or exploring Japanese caves i have a better sense of what took part in those places. It truly is fascinating. You can order the book from Amazon here.

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