Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Off Island

I've been gadget lusting over some scuba diving gear lately. Actually I've been meaning to get a dive computer of my own. I went with Mayuki after work to the Aqua Connection diving store in Garapan to buy some stuff for my Palau diving trip. I made a "list" and was suppose to stick with it. Turns out "lists" don't work that well for me. Lets just say I walked out with more than I thought I would=( Well, I know it will be worth it!

My bags are packed. I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for Guam. I'll spend the day in Guam and meet up with my other dive buddies to fly out to Palau tomorrow night. So I'll be be off island for about a week diving everyday in paradise! I'll take lots of pics! Say a little pray for safe travels for me, will you?! ;)


CNMI Blogger said...

Hey, Bev--

That's SO exciting! Safe travels and hurry back! We miss you already!

We'll toast ya at Ocean's on Thursday, right Melissa?

Kimiko said...

Wow, have a nice and safe trip!

I know, when I go shopping, I come back with more stuff than I need...

ren said...

lucky you! always on a constant vacation! ;)