Saturday, November 11, 2006

Morning view

Brit is catching some last minute zzzzzzzzzz's

Aww, there she is.

my favorite part of Sabbath

Bonzai Cliff

Love the feeling of the wind on my face

Every Sabbath at 5 am we drive to Bonzai Cliff and catch the sunrise. I can’t imagine starting off Sabbath better than this. What an amazing sight! Sometimes early in the morning when the water is calm you can spot dolphins and sea turtles near the rocks below the cliffs.

What a week! Its crunch time and our choir has been practicing nonstop for our up and coming Christmas Canta concert. Sometimes practices run for four hours. Yes, four hours. Its been fun hanging out with them. They speak Tagalog during practice so I feel like I’m understanding a lot more as the days go by! Just love how they all look at me and laugh if I look confused during group discussions. We are still trying to name our group. We also just got our custom made dresses from the Philippines for our concert.

Been keeping busy at work. We now have a new replacement for a periodontist, Dr. Gateway. He gave us a lecture on implants and shared with us his experience about what he's learned in dentistry. He uses an old slide projector to present his pictures. It kind of reminded me of my favorite teacher at LLU, Dr. Thomsen the pathologist=) Sitting and hearing him lecture made me miss school! Can't wait to get into Dent School=)

My v-ball group's name is "Kraken" and so far we are undefeated in the four man CNMI V-Ball League=) Just a couple more games till we hit play offs. I'm excited. I'll post pics next week.

Miss my familia. My familia sends me pics of them at home. I think what really slays me are the pics of my cute neice, Katelynn. She's getting so big and I wish that I could see her more often. My brother, Ed is in Hong Kong by himself! I'm so jealous. He emailed me from some trendy jamba juice type of hang out and sounds like he is having a blast on his own. I hear the skyline in Hong Kong is amazing.

Church has been keeping me busy. The church is in the process of switching new officers and the nominating committee has appointed me to help out in four categories. Yes, four categories. I've been appointed to lead out in women's ministry, help with the church social committee, Deaconess, and the Youth ministry. I'm a bit overwhelmed with these new responisibilities but I am up for the challenge. I have to be honest that there are times when I get discouraged and just want to do my own thing. But then I have to remind myself that serving God shouldn't merely be a chore but done to praise and glorify HIm. Please keep me in your prayers.

Happy Sabbath=)

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Anonymous said...

I completely feel that way sometimes...I feel like I'm too overwhelmed to even think that my duty is to serve God...But I'm also reminded that that's the devil working his way into our minds so keep us from doing God's work...The more you get into your service, the worst he attacks...Just be strong and let God lead the way for you...You can not definitely do all of these task on your own...