Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lau Lau Turtle

Sunday Mornings!

We dove at Lau Lau Beach this past Sunday. We completed our final scuba diving skills! So now I am officially scuba certified! My dive buddies have nick named me "bubbles". Its because I tend to suck up my air in my tank really fast=) Scuba has taught me a valuable lesson underwater and in life. . . KEEP BREATHING no matter what! I had to remove my face mask completely off my head and put it back on with my regulator in my mouth. When I first took it off, there was a slight moment of panic because my nose was exposed underwater, my eyes were closed, and I was 40ft underwater. My first reaction was to FREAK out, but I knew that I had to remain calm and just keep on breathing. Phew . . . I made it =) It really is mind over matter. Here's a short video clip of a sea turtle about 40 ft deep at Lau Lau Beach courtesy of Ken Pierson. Ain't he cute?! =)

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xblow_kisses said...

it's sam!
i think that that is really cool and pretty!
well i hope to talk to you soon!