Thursday, July 26, 2012

Small Business Ideas on Saipan

G and I were just talking about how we wish we would have seen Saipan at its peak in tourism and in the economy.  We are hoping and praying that Saipan's economy picks up for everyone's sake.  Let's face it, austerity Fridays suck.

Well it looks like there may be a some hope.   BOH is accepting grant applications for small businesses on Saipan.  I would apply but I don't have a proven track record or management experience in owning a small business. Still I keep wondering what type of business would thrive out here.  It's sad to see so many empty commercial buildings and shops along Beach and Middle road.

 I was thinking about what type of small business I would open if I got approved! I have two lists. One list is what I think Saipan really needs and the second list is my wish list for Saipan.

What I think Saipan needs:

  1. A top notch birthing center like the one in Guam called Sagua Managa.  Come on! Wouldn't you rather give birth in a more comfortable environment rather than CHC or any other hospital? I would have if I had a low risk pregnancy.  At Sagua Managa you can Facetime or Skpe with family and friends on their free wireless network after you give birth.  
  2. A farm that produces organic fruits and vegetables much like this one called  Pie Ranch.   I would also incorporate an educational program with the schools that would teach kids  the importance of sustainable farming and food system education.  Plus I would have a cool barn that you could have community functions at.
  3. A Japanese Cultural Center and Tea house-Saipan has a lot of Japanese memorials and relics from the war so why wouldn't we have a Japanese cultural center here to?  Plus a Japanese Tea house could feature tea ceremonies.  G and I went to a traditional tea ceremony in San Francisco and it was awesome!   I think the tourists would enjoy it and so would the locals.

What I wish Saipan had:
  1. Blue Bottle Coffee - Java Joes is my favorite coffee shop in Saipan but I am really missing my lattes from Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco.  Luckily they just opened a web store online.
  2. Jamba Juice-Saipan has something called Pearl Shakes that are made of ice and a flavored powder.   They're okay once in awhile but I want something healthier and fresher. Plus who knows what type of preservatives or icky food dyes are in those powders anyway.
  3. Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt or a Yogurtland -Saipan has the Scoops and the Big Dipper Ice Cream shops but again I think Saipan needs a healthier alternative.
  4. A Mexican Restaurant. Man I miss Mexican food. Enough said.  

Anyway, that is all I could think of at this moment. Let me know what business you would open in Saipan if you were approved a grant from BOH.


The Saipan Blogger said...

I think they could use a packing business. There have been times I've wanted to ship things, and I had to pack it myself, even things that fit into boxes.

Mai said...

Definitely Pinkberry & a Mexican restaurant - those should actually be on your "What Saipan Needs" list!!! I really like your sustainable farming idea, too - that's really great!

I'm not sure what I would do........ maybe start a running club...... do they already have one? I really wish I could do something to help Saipan's economy - it breaks my heart to see what is happening over there!! :(

Bev said...

Awesome idea! I would use that service!

Bev said...

Mai, I originally had the Pinkberry and Mexican restaurant in the "needs" list! I was thinking about opening a running store and starting a running club! Great minds think alike=) I don't think Saipan has an official running club. I need a running buddy. Wish you were here=)

Sean said...

Saipan once had a pretty good Mexican restaurant called The Field. It was really a sports bar but they were known for their outstanding Mexican food. They closed a few years after we moved there and since then there really hasn't been a really, really good Mexican restaurant on Saipan. Is that one on Beach Road still open? It was so-so, as I recall though we went there a few times when we just had to have Mexican. And now I hear Oleai's is closed too, so there's not even dollar tacos available anymore. :(

Sean said...

Are the Hashers still around? Would they count? Perhaps it would be good to have something for those that prefer their running without the "religion"?

Mai said...

I wish I was there too!!! I'd definitely be your running buddy!!!! :)

Mai said...

Such a shame that Oleai's is gone now too :'( So, so sad!!

Anonymous said...

For cars, I think Saipan should have one of those buy here pay here. Getting a car here is hard! So this would be very helpful, I think. Or maybe one of those advanced payday loan places.