Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I had a baby!

A picture of the first time Nolan and I met after 8 hours of labor. Not the most prettiest picture of us but definitely a special moment.

 I'll always remember the first time I saw his cute face.  After I delivered Nolan a nurse brought him by me for a quick moment to meet him.  He was tiny!  He was only 4 lbs and 10 oz.  and he came six weeks early because I had developed a condition called pre-eclampsia.   I had just a couple of seconds to kiss him and they took him away to the advanced nursery to stabilize him.  

Honestly everything happened so fast.  We are so thankful we were in Guam for the delivery.  I felt really well take care of by Dr. Kaaren Zvonik and the nurses at Labor and Delivery at Guam Memorial Hospital.  

Visiting Nolan in the advanced nursery

 It's hard to believe that I had baby Nolan eight weeks ago.  Today he's almost ten pounds and full of life.  I'm so blessed to have him in my life. <3


Sean said...

Parenthood: The best, most exhausting, most beautiful, scariest, most rewarding, most difficult, most enriching experience ever. Welcome to the club. I know you and Greg are awesome parents! I hope we can meet Nolan someday soon!

Bev said...

Thanks Sean! I agree what you said about parenthood. Even when he wasn't born yet I was constantly worrying! Miss you guys. Hoping for another Saipan reunion again someday soon!

Mai said...

So exciting and beautiful!!!! You look so at home and comfortable as a mom - he's one blessed boy!!!

Bev said...

Thanks Mai! I am so impressed with you and Sean . . . that you've been able to keep up blogging for so long! I actually miss blogging! I'll be logging on more often. Miss you! You guys looked lovely at Judith's wedding!