Monday, September 28, 2009

The Marine Mammel Center

I've found a new way to meet people in the bay area who love marine life as much as I do! I've started a 5 week docent training at the Marine Mammel Center in the Marine Headlands.

The center is a non profit hospital, research, and education facility. The most common patients that we take care of are California Seal Lions, Elephant Seal pups, and Harbor Seal pups! We rescue, rehabilitate, and release these sick animals.

This facility is researching why many of our animals have stranded on our beaches. Some examples are diseases such as Demoic Acid (neurotoxin that causes seizures and eventually death), Leptosporosis (bacteria that affects the kidneys), Shark bites, gun shot wounds from fishermen. The list goes on and on.

I've got two more weeks of training to go and then I get to educate people about what this wonderful organization is all about! So far I'm loving it. More details about it later.

These are a few pictures of the facility. The first picture is of a sea lion statue that overlooks Rodeo Beach. The second picture is some of the pens that the animals are placed in. They have underground pools for them to swim in. The third picture is the classroom that we meet in. And the last picture are actual patients called Harbor Seal Pups! These are my favorite!! More about my new side job later=)


Sean said...

Very cool! Those seals sure are cute!

Mai said...

Wow, that's awesome!!! I'd love to do that sort of thing with panda bears - I've recently fell head-over-heals for them and would love to care for them!!!

Bev said...

Thanks for Stopping by Mai and Sean! Mai that would be so awesome if you could work with the Panda Bears! I love them too!

The Beachcomber said...

Hey, we are safe from the typhoon! Cool job! I wanna sign up! I should've followed my dream of becoming a marine biologist. Oh, well. Love you!