Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bliss in Bali: Day 4 and 5

Before this solo trip to Bali I never really understood why people choose to travel alone. I just thought it would be tragic to be in such a beautiful place and not be able to share that with someone. But there is so much to gain from traveling solo.

Bali is truly a romantic destination for couples. There are couples everywhere! They're strolling hand in hand down the streets. They're sipping lattes and laughing in a cafe together. They're nestled in a corner having a candlelit dinner. I'm not jaded rather I think love is wonderful when its with the right person. A year ago this sight would have made me really sick but I am actually quite surprised that I feel content on being alone in Bali.

Traveling forces you to be more outgoing. I made a friend while having breakfast by the pool. Her name is Lisa and she was backpacking Bali on her own from Taiwan. We chatted a bit and she mentioned she was going to Lovina!

I asked if we could share a driver and a hotel room in Lovina which was three hours away from Ubud since I was going there anyway. She was fine with it and off we went to Lovina.

Our driver, Nyoman, was really nice. He only charged 300,000 Rupas ($30 usd) to take us from Ubud to Lovina. If I would have done it over again though I would advise backpackers to just take the perwista bus. Its only 70,000 rupas($7 usd)and it takes just about the same amount of time. We passed through the countryside and up the windy roads through the central mountains. It was still cloudy and rainy so there really wasn't much to see on the way there. We stopped at a great restaurant on the mountain called Ngiring Ngewedang. It serves great tasting Balinese food at a travelers fare. We did get to see the famous temple on the lake, Pura Ulun Danu and the Hot springs, Air Panas Banjar.

When we arrived in Lovina we checked and then walked around. Lovina is a beach town that people come to just chill out at. It's got black sand beaches and great little eateries along the beach. Mostly it was just a place to walk and relax. We had dinner at a restaurant that the Lonely Planet Bali Guide suggested called Waru Bali by the beach. I had Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and veggie spring rolls. Excellent service and prices were cheap.

The highlight of this trip was going out at 6 am the next morning in search for dolphins! I'll have to post pictures when I get home from my trip because the sunrise was spectacular. We saw tons of dolphins everywhere!
I just kept thinking how lucky I am to be here in Bali to experience this. Being out here is pure bliss. Next adventure is diving the shipwreck in Tulamben and the Gili Islands in Lombok! Oh, I'm so excited!


Ken & Crystal said...

Hey Bev! Tulamben is a great dive site! Do as many dives as you can there. We went with Tulemben Wreck Divers, which is almost across the street from the wreck. The dive guides there were seriously the best and safest we've had. Cheap to stay there too and nice! $30US/night. Have fun! Watch out for the feathery fire coral on the wreck. ouch... The restaurant directly across the street from the hotel is cheap as yum! Great fresh juices! ;-)

Beverly said...

Crystal: Thanks for referring me to that cive place! I will definitely check it out!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome Bev. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to visit Bali while in Saipan. Now it seems so far away. Just reading your blog makes me want to visit! Happy New Year.

Mai said...

Wow! You got to see dolphins! That's awesome! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

The saddest part for me about Bali was the poverty, but I guess this is true for many tourist destinations these days (i.e. Cancun, Thailand, etc.)

Beverly said...

Steve and Miwa: I miss you guys! You will definitely have to make a trip to Bali for your annivesary! Happy New year.

Mai: I so wish you were here with me! I'll post pics when I come back home on the 6th. Uploading pics is too slow here=(

Anonymous: Yes the saddest part about Bali is the poverty. Being around these lovely people made me realize that even though times are hard for them . . . they are still passionately living life the best way they know how. They seem so content with their families. The family unit is really strong here. To me, family is everything I'll ever need to get through the hard times.

Anonymous said...

Couples? Hmmm...did you remember to look for a solo Czech tourista to bring back home for your amigo?

Anonymous said...

Love it Bev!!! Glad to See you had a Super Time!!!!