Thursday, November 08, 2007

Excited About

Troung's Yummy Avocado Smoothies! Hurry up and taste one! Apparently there are only 11 avocado's left! You know that it takes awhile to get fruit in from the states or the Philippines. Go go go!

Real Christian Theater Drama is performing at Hopwood School, San Vincente Elementary School, and Kagman School this Friday. Its our first school tour and we are psyched . . . ok, alittle nervous. We are performing nine short skits focusing on the basics like having patience, forgiveness, honesty, real beauty, and the effects of drugs/alcohol. All really good take home messages and definitely NO cheesy skits. I think they'll enjoy our program . . . it beats being in class, eh? The program should last about 30 minutes if things run smoothly. I'm in charge of props/setup and i'm in 3 skits! Eeeek! I'm sure we'll pull it off.

It's a 4 day weekend for me! Woo hoo! My plans? I'm going to rock climb at Suicide Cliff, mtn bike, scuba dive, and finish my book at the Mandi Asian Spa. I hope it doesn't rain. Check out Mai rock climbing this past September. Ohhh, this is going to be sooo much fun!

Trying to tap more into my Filipina roots=) Tan Holdings will be hosting a free concert by Martin Nievera on November 18 at American Memorial Park. Gary V. and Martin Nievera are two of my favorite Filipino singers. I've seen him perform in California before during a sing-a-like contest. He's just got an amazing voice. Here's a video clip of him and Kyla.

Judith, Jessica, Missy, and me will be backpacking Thailand together from December 21-January 7! I'm looking forward to riding an elephant, diving the hot spots, and wandering in a new country. Christmas and New Years in an exotic place . . . what more can I ask for?

22 people dedicated their lives to Christ at the end of our Kagman Evangelistic Tent Meetings. The Saipan Central Seventh-day Adventist Church held meetings for three weeks with possibly more baptisms to go. You never really know who and how many will show up to meetings like this. Saipan is predominately Catholic. The times that I did go I noticed that the crowd kept growing night after night. Its amazing how God can move and transform a person's heart when they take that leap of faith.

Baptism pics by Mai


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

You're Filipina? I thought you were black?

Dave said...

More Filipino singing.. :)

Lewie Tenorio said...

The picture with the avocado smoothie makes me feel oh so warm and fuzzy. *wink* I might try out rock climbing this weekend, too. I'll see how I feel Sunday.

John Dax said...

Lewie, you can trust the man who took that picture when he says that it was hard to enjoy the smoothies with all that sappy PDA...avocados or not...blechhhhh..

Sean said...

Great job on tour today, Bev! Thanks for all your help. You're a trouper and now you're an official REAL veteran!

I really wanted to go climbing with you guys on Sunday but I guess we're going diving instead. . .Next time!

Brit's Blog said...

plenty avacado's here! :)

Keep havin' fun Bev. I got your e-mail. Everythings good here. Just working on school.