Friday, September 29, 2006

Outer Noise

I'm taking you on a journey with me. Week of prayer is starting at our church and the series is entitled "Journey To The Cross." At church, they have divided the room into 13 stations representing the moments of Christ in His Final Hour. Each station was made so that only 2-3 people could fit in each space. This program that our church has put on was made to be available 24 hours for the whole week to the Saipan community. Please pray for our Pastor and his wife, for they are on standby all the time to pray with everyone as they enter and exit the Journey to the Cross.

The first station was entitled "Outer Noise." On the Wall the scripture read "Be Still, and Know that I am God."- Psalm 46:10. On the display were two things, one tv screen that had the static screen going on and the computer screen that was blank. Try and imagine how noisy and crazy the tv screen was versus how quiet and peaceful the computer screen was. There is a clock on the wall that represents the noise and distractions of our lives. I had to take a moment to acknowledge what the state of my mind was. My head was spinning with thoughts about the things I needed to do. Station 1 calls for us to quiet our spirits in front of God so that we may hear His voice and His thoughts through our Journey with Him.

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