Friday, July 18, 2008

Belize Revealed

My Belize trip was the perfect transition after leaving Saipan. Greg and I just spent about four weeks ziplining through the jungles, exploring Mayan ruins, and diving in the second largest barrier reef in the world! Whale Sharks are amazing, but more on that later.

These pictures are from our afternoon trip out to my favorite Mayan ruin known as Xunantunich (Stone Maiden). It's just located a few short miles from the Guatamalan border.

From San Ignacio you can either take the local bus or a cab to the site and it's about a twenty minute commute. On your way to the site you must cross the Mopan River at the base on a hand cranked vehicle ferry!

Without a doubt, this site has great energy and the climb to the top is definitely worth the visit. It's set on a leveled hilltop and is the archaeological pride of Belize.

This view was pretty impressive. I kept thinking I can't believe I'm here!! Did you know that only about 5% of Belize has been excavated. If they could only find a way to get more funds to do more research and uncover more sites like this.

This site once flourished as a ceremonial center and is thought to have been abandoned after an earthquake around AD 900. It's tallest building, El Castillo, rises about 40 m (131 ft) above the jungle.

More posts to come about my other adventures=)


Ken & Crystal said...

Hey Bev,
I've been to that site, Xunantunich, as well! It's very cool! Post some beach pics!
xo, Crystal

Barbara said...

At last! The drought is over!! Bev has RETURNED to the blogosphere! Let there be rejoicing in the land! :)

Those are some great pics of the Mayan sites--they are too beautiful to be called ruins! Can't wait for more!

Sean said...

Dangit! I did this at Brit's blog too. . .that comment was from me (Sean) not Barbara. She's logged into her gmail on this computer right now so blogger automatically assumed it was her. I'm fixing it now though.

Anonymous said...

Wowie!!! Great pictures! Now I know where to go the next time I want to explore...Can't wait to see some other pics, and of course your visit here in SD...


Mai said...

Yay! Finally! I've been thinking about you an wondering how things are going for you and how your trip to Belize was. I look forward to reading more about your trip and actually seeing you in less than 3 weeks! Can't wait!

Bev said...

Crystal: Xunantunich was my favorite ruin!

Sean: thanks for stopping by

Shem: I can't wait to see you and kids in SD.

Mai: I can't wait to catch up with you!