Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Calling

I'm learning to embrace the moment. Things are exactly the way they should be right now. God is restoring my heart and my life. And in the process I am coming to know Him more and more everyday. My Desire is to do His will. I've been praying for an opportunity to serve as a dental hygienist abroad ever since I started Dental Hygiene school. I remember applying a couple of times but there was never a position available. I just figured maybe it wasn't the right timing. That maybe God had other things planned for me at that moment. Now that I have an opportunity to serve in Saipan, I'm jumping at the chance. Some of my friends think i'm crazy to just pick up and leave. But I guess when your enthusiastic about serving God . . . you would do anything. Even if it meant leaving everything behind. So now I'm in the process of packing (again) and finalizing my plan. Leaving my worries, disappointments, and dreams in God's hands. Please pray for me.


nikki said...

definitely don't think you're crazy, girl. i think it's admirable and i support you any decision you make. He always closes the wrong doors and opens the right ones... *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Here's your time to shine Bev. God has given you the chance to be more independent, free and adventurous. I'm behind you 110% and I'm glad that you are taking the opportunity to see what the world holds for you. I've been behind you since the beginning and still am. You know that if you are ever home sick you could "ALWAYS" give me a call even if it's 2 in the morning. I love you!
Manang Janice