Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wakeboarding at Lake Elsinore

The new Mr. and Mrs. "jigga" Sacro! j/k Mr and Mrs. Janssen Sacro . . . what a cute couple

After being dragged by the boat about 3x I finally got up!

2nd round, my forearms and body were hurting big time. I managed to get up one last time=)

A group of Janssen and Jennifer's family and friends headed out to Lake Elsinore for their bachelor/bachlorette party. This was the week when it was really hot. I think it was over 100 degrees at Lake Elsinore. Janssen's dad brought his two four seater jet skis and we had rented a boat to go wake boarding. The last time I tried wakeboarding was in 8th grade and I never got up! This time I was able to get up twice!!! It was so fun! I'm really loving the outdoor sports. I wish I had pics of us riding the jet ski's but I didn't bring my camara out. Oh, let me tell you that the day after I went wakeboarding I was so sore! From my finger tips to my toes, I could hardly move. I had work the next day and i felt bad cause those patients got half ass cleanings. lol Heres some pics=)

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nikki said...

your poor patients and their half-assed cleanings, LOL. glad you had fun...and got a tan ;)